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About us

Czech Startups provides strategical and technical background for creation and further rollout of the startup projects.

Our young team is devoted to helping realize new and meaningful projects. Our know-how is based on years of experience with online projects and we are capable of sharing advice even in the earliest stages of  entrepreneurial plans. In the mean time, we still work on our own projects. Which is crucial experience for our wider know-how sharing.

We are intentionally focused on the projects that have some significant local impact (either social, economical or cultural) and have a potential to grow international. Our quality check are the real rates of profit and recovery of the investment.


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You can also contact members of our team directly.


Czech Startups s.r.o.

Wenceslas Square 806/62, Prague 1, 110 00

IČ: 241 70 593; DIČ: CZ 241 70 593

Our team

Zbyněk Meloun, 16kB

Zbyněk Meloun

Strategy Enthusiast

"Feel free to get in touch if you need strategic advice on your startup, no matter what stage it is in."

David Prycl, 19kB

David Prycl

Chief Motivator

"Drop me a line if you need some push and inspiration. I can find a solution even if you think there isn't any."

Pavel Kotyza, 15kB

Pavel Kotyza

Chief Economist

"Let me know if you are considering foreign market entry. We can do it!"


Milan Michel, 15kB

Milan Michel

Chief account

"Get in touch if you are in a trap of a problem, we sure will overcome it together!"

Michal Fiala, 15kB

Michal Fiala

Enthusiastic advisor

"Write me if you have an idea, but no clue how to push it forward. Running Lean Startup tackles anything!"


And another nice and indispensable members of our team are available for you.



We still are searching for skillfull and diligent people who would like to participate on creation and further running interesting projects. Fairness and openness are highly appreciated! If you have some ambitions and maybe even want to run your own project in the future, you would hardly find a better place. Feel free to send us your CV – if you sincerely think that you could enjoy working in the position listed below. Thank you!

For our team we are searching for eligible and passionate people who would like to join us in working on innovative projects. If interested, write to Milan:







Online promotion

SEO (Analysis and proposal of the key words, SEO website audit, optimalization)

PPC (Google AdWords, Seznam Sklik, Facebook) – editorial, graphical

  • Formation of new campaigns
  • Analysis and optimalization of already off-shelf campaigns
  • Campaign service

Social networks

Online media

Online communication strategies

Analysis of competitors

Strategy creation

Web presentations

  • Graphical proposal
  • Website coding
  • Website programming
  • Data filling


  • Graphic design
  • Eshop coding
  • Eshop programming
  • Items filling
  • Analysis of online competitors
  • Promotion preparation online


  • Corporate identity
  • Logographer
  • Logo manual
  • Redesign of the current web presentation
  • Flash presentations
  • Business cards
  • Graphical visual
  • Pamphlets


  • Project (startup) consultations
  • Marketing consultations
  • Business plan consultations
  • Workshops


We see startups as ambitious projects with a clear plan how to hold up on the specific market (either local or international). Startup should always deal with particular needs of a certain focus group and be able to find given or latent demand.

Startup does not always have to bring out a brand new service or solution for unsettled needs, but it certainly should be able to carry significant innovation of the current service or application. "Think differently" and have a clear vision but still stay down to earth, that is the key for the succes.

If your head is full of thoughts about your own startup and your desire is to make it alive, but still there is something missing (strategists, vendors, developers, graphic designers, accountants, lawyer, marketer, PR, analyst, …), do not hesitate and contact us. We are not investors, but we are capable of the most important – making your own project alive and sending it off to the real market. Then it is all up to you.

The birth of Czech Startups

August 2011. In the fields near Vyskov, we made a deal! Cover name: Czech Projects.

Foundation of the company

13th October 2011. Czech Startups Ltd. was registered among economic entities

5th April 2012. We finally launched the company website!

Czech History

25th April 2012. We started up a Facebook project focused on history


May 2012. Our very first startup kickoff!

Entering the amazing world of startups

2014. Jara Cimrman pitched his most ambitious startup with us


2018. Chuck Norris likes us and wants to run his secret project with us!

The drawing

2019. Our heads are full of ideas. We're casting of lots which startup to kick off


2020. We consult our future steps with Mark Z.


2050. We present the first intergalactic startup

The great moving

2065. The headquarters has been moved to the Moon. There is more space up here